Sunday, January 17, 2010

Switching School?

Hi everyone! As you all know I have a 5yr old. Well in December we moved into a new house and a new school district. So far C is still in the same school ( I have to drive him every morning)and I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should just leave him in the same school or switch to the one closer to my house. It's kindergarten so he only goes for half a day and it takes me 15min. to get him there. It doesn't really bother me to drive him but he hates having to get up earlier. I just want whats best for him. I don't know how it will affect him to have to meet all new people all over again especially when there's only about 5 months of school left. He's a pretty big kid (4 1/2 feet tall and 80lbs.) and so far the kids at the school he goes to get along with him great and I don't want that to change. Also his teacher told me that it would be hard on him educationaly to switch schools. The school close to my new house is supposed to be a nice school, it's a lot bigger than the one he goes to now and is only 2 blocks down the road. I'm so torn on what to do, one day he wants to stay at the school he's in and the next he wants to switch. My parents say leave him and my husbands parents say switch him even though they live 3 blocks from the school he's in now. He's my first child so I am new to all of this and it's so hard to know what the best thing to do is. So if anyone has any advice for me I could sure use it!


  1. At times like this, I always say go with your gut. If it were me, I'd just keep him in the same school for the rest of the year, and switch him at first grade. But you need to do what your heart feels is best. :)

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  2. I agree with blueviolet, there is an old saying that most times applies to everything "Finish what you started", add in "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". If things are fine just tell your son that he will stay and finish, then when the school year is done you will talk about switching. If you do switch and it is hard on him (it will be for a time) you will have a mopey 5 year old on your hands whose primary job is to remind you he is miserable. Oh, wait I am talking about my kids when they were little, sorry. Take it from this grandma, you are his mom, listen to the advice of others, but act on what you and your husband believe to be what is best for your child.

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    I was in the same situation actually w my son his kindergarten year. I made the drive everyday, which was about 25+ minutes, but it was a decision I would make again in a heartbeat. He wasn't the new kid mid year, he had a great teacher whom we all adored and got to really finish what he started with that class. He started 1st grade at the new school along with everyeone else and hasn't skipped a beat yet... he's now in the 2nd grade!

    Good luck!

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  5. Wow that is a hard one... but you know it seems like you are leaning towards keeping him in the old school. And if you really don't mind driving him, maybe it would be best. Then next year it will just feel more like a switch of grades.

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  6. We just had this trouble this very year. I said let her stay Hubby said change her. Like he was the one driving her anyways!! I really could not decide which was better for her. Each school and situation had their advantages. Finally I decided that I would switch her since it would be best for her in the future to get settled and ready for the years to come. I am glad that I did. She had no trouble at all switching and she actually loved it. She got to be the special kid and they all fought over who got to help her learn where things were and what to do. Her new teacher is fabulous and I am glad we switched her. I am sure you will know what to do. I would switch him now. You would have to do it next year and then he is just another kid going from kinder to first but in a school he doesn't know. I think that transition is hard enough anyways. Good luck, I know how it feels trying to figure out the best move with your child and school!! I hated it. So many what if's.

  7. I think it's easier to leave him. It's so tough to go in the middle of the year and start over. At the end of the year, take him to visit the school and let him sit in a class, maybe spend a day there to meet the kids and the teachers. Then start him for first grade. Just my opinion and following you back from friday follow!

  8. I also agree about going with your gut. I will tell you that my boys switched schools 3 times during their Elementary years and they are doing just fine. Kids are resilient, but you should do what's best for your son. Good luck!

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  9. I think if the only reason to change him is because he doesn't like to wake up earlier, then you should just leave him where he is at. Then just switch at the end of the year. Good luck I hope it all works out whatever you decide...because whatever you decide is the right thing for you!

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    As a comment to this post... I have a 7 year old son who is currently in second grade. When he attended kindergarten he went to one school, which we all loved. It was a fabulous school with fabulous staff members. The following year, when he went into first grade he had to switch schools. The 2 closest elementary schools were overpopulated with students so they built a new elementary school. At first we were impressed with the new school, but as time went on we all began to dislike it. This year my son is in that same school and we still dislike it. The upper management at the school are just unbelievably hard to agree with. They claim to really care for the students, but I just don't see it. The new school year that begins this late August, my son will be going to yet again another new elementary school. Not out of choice though. We live in a Texas school district that currently has 45 elementary schools, that's including the new one my son will be attending. It is very hard on the children when they have to shuffle from school to school and leave their friends behind. I say, if you find a school that you really like, and that your child really likes, and the staff are great...stick with it.

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  12. Hi, there! I've been through this, too. We relocate often. I would go ahead and move him with 1/2 the year left. That way, he can make new friends for the summer and get established before the school year begins in the fall.

    Just my advice.....all kids are'll do what is best!

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  13. I am a first time mom too I think we tend to worry just a little more. My daughter is 4 and what I have learned from many sleepless nights is if it is not broke don't fix it. In other words the school he is in right now is working just fine (other than him having to get up 15 min. earlier) He would not even know anything about switching schools if you did not ask him. He is 5 I do not think they are capable of understanding the full extent of what it involves to start a new school. My daughter did not when she started a new one this year (she was fine and made friends and adjusted well) I think it is late in the school year to transfer. Good luck and I am friday follow. Sorry for the long comment I hope it helps and gave you some insight.

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    I read most of the comments. As a mother of a 1st grader, just thought I would put my 2 cents in: the transition to 1st grade is a difficult one, because you go from half day to full day.
    Kindergarten is a great year for mid-year moves. The curriculum doesn't change much school to school (just the basics, letters, sounds, reading readiness etc.) and it would give him several months to make new friends (kids in Kindergarten are far more welcoming than older children) and this way when he makes the BIG transition to 1st, he will only have the increased time, not the "first day of school and no friends) transition as well.

    It makes a big difference if he has someone to play with during those first few recesses in 1st, when they are out on the "big" playground... at least at our Kindergarten, all the kids are contained to a smaller playground.

    Follow your gut. Either way, kids are resilient and most make adjustments well.

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    I'm not a parent, so I don't really know what to tell you about this one. Just go with what you think is best. I'm sure he will be fine either way though. Kids that young seem to always make friends easily.

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    I'm not sure what you should do. I haven't been in that situation yet. But if it was my kids, I think I would switch them right away. I think it's easier on them then waiting. Just my opinion.

  17. I'm the mom to six kiddos and my heart bleeds for you in this decision. Realizing no one can make the decision that is best for your son and your family, aside for YOU, I feel compelled to offer you my asked for them right?

    First, it's Kindergarten. It's a year of constant change. Learning new things. Meeting new people. Developing social skills, etc. (I have a Kindergartner currently!).

    There's a thing called "LIFE". We can't predict it or control it...what we can do is make the best of what we have.

    I understand wanting to "protect" or offer "stability" to your child. I want the same for mine.

    I'm not going to offer you the "you should" but I'm going to pose to you some things you might not have thought about:
    1.) Changing schools enables your child to make new friends for summer vacation which segways into the first day of First Grade.
    2.) 15-minutes is a small drive for a pre-arranged play date with one of his best buddies at the school he attends now...and Grandma and Grandpa live close by, so those friendships can still thrive.
    3.) Being the "new" kid sometimes is cool...kiddos are curious about other kiddos.

    Sometimes in life we have to start a new job, move to a new place, be the "new" kid. It's these things that help define us.

    I wish you peace and joy in making your decision.

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  19. This is definitely a hard decision. I always go with my "Mommy Instinct". I would probably let him finish up the school year, then have him go to the new school for 1st grade. Then it will be ALL the kids getting used to new faces, new teacher, etc.

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  20. I would probably leave him for the rest of the year.

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  21. I definitely would keep him in the school the rest of the year. Especially when the teacher advised this.

    Good luck, whatever you decide. And thanks for the FF follow!

  22. Well, I live between to smaller communities, and each has an elementary school. For me, I'd say if the school he is in now is smaller, stay there. There is something to be said for small schools and the atmosphere in them. If you don't mind driving :)

  23. Wow - I think that would be a tough decision too. I would go to the new school to meet whom ever would be his new teacher... meet the principal, take a look around, etc. Do you intend to switch him next year? I think the earlier/younger you move a child, the easier it would be for them to transition. That's just my opinion though.. and of course it always depends on the child as well.
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  24. That's a really tough one. Every child is different, but I can say I moved to a new town when I was 10 and I adjusted fine. Kids are generally very adaptable.

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    He might just need time to adjust. If you change him again it might get worse...

  26. Tough side says switch him and let him get used to the school and kids he will be with the next year, BUT the side that speaks to me more is leave him and let his first year of school be a positive happy experience for him. It is always easier to start a new school at the beginning of the year.

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  27. I am now following you from Friday Follow. I would say go with your gut whatever you feel is right. You could always finish the year off in the other school and then transfer him to the one closer to your house. If you think he will transition well I would transfer him earlier.

  28. I am your new friday follower, thanks for coming by and following me.

    I personally wouldn't move kids to a different school in the middle of the school year if I had a chance to leave them in their old school. You will have to months for him to get used to new school and maybe by then he will want to go because new friends from the neighborhood go there.

  29. Hi popping in from Friday Follow. I would leave him. I moved and my middle one was in 5th grade, it was Feb. and I drove him the rest of the school year and he started Middle School in Sept. fine and dandy. He's little yet so keep a good taste of school now while he is still young...come on by. We are following you now. Follow us? Cara