Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Pregnant Dog!

I have a pregnant dog. Yeah, I know I love puppies but I hate puppies. I love them when they aren't mine. I hate potty training. There is nothing more gross then puppy "accidents". Don't get me wrong I love dogs but I like them a little past the really puppy stage. Like when they are somewhat house trained. I'm hoping she doesn't have a very big litter, it's her first. But I'm not usually that lucky, with my luck she'll have like 8 or 9. I have no idea what do to when she goes into to labor. I don't even know what the signs of labor are other than what the vet said. He said that her temperature would drop to 100 degrees. I really do not want to rectally take a dogs temperature. My husbands the one with the stupid idea to get her pregnant so I will leave that lovely job to him. (hahaha) Sorry if there are a lot of typos in this post, my husband and his friends are playing football on the PS3 and I have his friend yelling "Get it baby, Get it baby' in my ear. My fault for having the computer in the game room. Well pray for me that everything goes well with her, and for me that she only has a couple puppies. I am going back to the prison called my bed since I'm not allowed to do anything but keep my leg elevated. I now feel extremely sorry for pregnant women that are forced to bed rest. I have read litterally six (300 + page) books just since Friday. (my grandfather owned a book store so I grew up reading a lot) Oh yeah make sure you enter Divine Designs Giveaway if you haven't it's a beautiful necklace!


  1. Good luck! Hopefully it is just a few puppies.

  2. You're still up eh? I'm on my way to bed, (DEAD tired) but I have to stop by tomorrow morning before work and pick some clothes up for the day ahead.
    *Prayers* for B.J to have a good number of puppies, enough to cuddle, but not so much that cleaning up after them becomes a part-time job.

  3. Yes, Good luck, I hope you enjoy your time with the wee ones, they become big slobbery messes in no time!