Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Short but not so sweet

So a really long time ago I went outside to take the trash out. Seems like a simple thing right? Wrong. I was wearing flip flops and slid down a very small hill and hyperextended my knee. Ouch! It hurt for a couple of weeks, then got better or so I thought. Well now 4yrs later I finally got tired of it acting up and went to the doctor. He then sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. Finds out I tore my meniscus ( I probably didn't spell that right sorry). So I had surgery in October of last year. Six VERY long weaks on crutches and it STILL hurts. So I went back for the 2 month check up on it the end of November. He then tells me that my ACL is bad and needs to be fixed. My first thought was shouldn't he have done that when he did the last surgery? Well he said he thought it would still work right but apparently its not. So tommorrow I get to have my ACL fixed. I am extremely nervous and dreading another 6 weeks on crutches. So if you are all wondering where I am tomorrow I'll be starving from 12 tonight till 2:30 tomorrow afternoon ( I know could they have made it any later?) then off to have my knee done. So wish me luck!

I actually got a babysitter, have any of you ever wondered why it takes surgery or the birth of another child to finally get a babysitter?

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  1. Ha! That must be the secret ...
    GOOD LUCK & lets hope it's much better from here on out! :D