Saturday, February 13, 2010

BusyBuzzyBees Review

Don't you all hate how the winter affects your lips. Mine always get so dry, and most chapstick doesn't help much. Well, I got to try BusyBuzzyBees' Exfoliating Lip Srub. It has Sugar crystals in it that gently exfoliate any dead or dry skin from your lips, giving fresh new skin a chance to grow and thrive. It's really cool because you can feel the roughness of the sugar crystals and yet at the same time you can feel how smooth it is making you lips. It really made a huge improvement in the softness of my lips. BusyBuzzyBees uses a mixture of oils that help promote the natural healing process as well as moisturize your lips. BusyBuzzyBees Lip Srub and Balm come in some really great flavors. They also have a variety of other products available. They have Soaps, Lip Balms, mini Perfumes ( I also got to try this out in the Pear scent and smells great!), and other great products.

BusyBuzzyBees loves to make natural and functional products for you to enjoy. A lot of her products are completely natural, those that aren’t are still at least 90% natural. They also have Vegan friendly products. So if you suffer like I do, you should go over to BusyBuzzyBees and try one of her amazing products.

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  1. Ooh, a review but not a giveaway? I would really like to try the lip scrubs. They sound awesome.